Topics including but not limited to the following:
Integtity in structure

Advanced testing and evaluation techniques

Applications to components and structures

Corrosion and environmental effects on durability

Deformation and damage behavior

Failure analysis and case studies

Metals, polymers, elastomers, composites and biomaterials

Integrity of assemblies: welds, joints, adhesives

Finite elements methods and their application

Strength and failure criteria

Low, medium and high cycle fatigue

Non-destructive evaluation (NDE)

Reliability and integrity of engineering structures

Structural integrity of 3D-printed structures

Material Science

Biomaterials and biological materials         


Functional hybrid nanomaterials

Composite Materials

Smart Materials

Functionally Graded Materials

Nanocomposites and their applications

Functional Porous Materials

Nanomaterials and Alloys

Shape memory alloy

Nano and Microscale Engineering

Optical properties of materials

Vibration Analysis

Acoustics, noise control and engineering applications     

Mechanical vibrations and applications

Modal analysis and applications      

Fault diagnosis based on vibration 

signal analysis

Harmonic and transient analysis     

Vibration generation and control

Vibration in transportation engineering    

Seismic engineering and applications

Chaos, non-linear dynamics and applications                        

Biomechanics and biomedical engineering

Dynamics and Oscillations in electrical and electronics engineering       

Fractional dynamics and applications

System dynamics in manufacturing system modeling       

Dynamics of Smart and functionally graded materials

Flow-induced structural vibrations